What have our customers have asked us ?

Is Pune Cellular (Phone Care Mobile Shoppee) an authorized service center for any mobile phone brand?
No, Pune Cellular (Phone Care Mobile Shoppee) is not an authorized service center for any specific mobile brand. If your phone is has outlived it's warranty and you are looking for a cheaper and reliable place to repair your phone. We would be more than happy to help you get your phone back into good condition.
Why should I choose Pune Cellular instead of an authorized service center?
Phone Care has a technical experts pay here full attention on your product from its receiving till its delivering.
*repair rate much cheaper than authorised service centre
*fast turn around time than authorised service centre
Will I get charged If you can't repair the phone ?
No. We do not charge any amount to customers if the phone is not repaired.
When do I pay for repairs ? do I need to pay in advance ?
You are not required to pay anything in advance. Any due payment can be done at the time of delivery of the phone.
Will I loose my data saved on my phone ?
We take the utmost care in making sure to keep all data unless it is necessary to remove it as a part of the repair or software issue.we always recommend customers to take backup before submitting phones for repair.
How long will I have to be without my mobile phone while it is being repaired.
We try to get any repair work done as soon as possible. But in case the work required to repair does take some time, we will let you know in advance and if you wish you can opt for getting a replacement phone till the time the repair work of the phone is complete.
If my phone is under warranty can I still repair the phone at your service center ?
If the phone is under warranty than we would recommend to visit companies authorised service centre.and if you still want to give your phones to our service centre for our fast and reliable services than unfortunately your warranty will be void by manufacturer.